COVID-19 Pandemic Shines Spotlight on Coworker Compassion and Reforms

The COVID-19 pandemic has cut across many areas of people’s lives, with none so apparent as in the workplace. In a new study, essential workers with face-to-face interactions offer researchers the opportunity to understand how co-workers treat each other when one shows up ill and what it means for the workplace of the future. Management and Organizations Associate Professor Marcus Butts of SMU Cox and his co-authors discover that co-workers are displaying more concern for and less mistreatment of ill colleagues rather than self-interested behavior in this time of COVID-19. As the many yard signs peppering lawns in the U.S. suggest: “We are all in this together.” Marcus and his colleagues find there’s some truth in the slogans but more needs to be addressed.  


Spatial Landscape Helps Determine Loyalty Programs’ Success

Starting in the airline industry in the 1980s, loyalty programs have been adopted in businesses such as hotels, casinos, retailers, grocery stores, and restaurants. In novel research, Marketing Professor Wayne Taylor of SMU Cox and co-author Brett Hollenbeck analyze the competitive “spatial” landscape surrounding the customer and identify actionable marketing insights. Their findings suggest that the physical relationship or mapping out the customer helps in predicting profitability. But you need to know where to look. 

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