Anyone who attended or watched an SMU football game on TV last fall witnessed a turnaround the likes of which Mustang fans haven’t experienced in three decades. Credit and praise go to Head Coach Sonny Dykes, his dedicated coaching staff and a team of motivated, talented players, not least of which is Cox School graduate student and Mustang quarterback Shane Buechele. A redshirt junior graduate transfer from the University of Texas at Austin, Buechele was elected a 2019 football captain by his SMU teammates.

One of five children, Buechele is the son of Steve Buechele, a former Major League Baseball third baseman, coach and current Texas Rangers front office executive. As an SMU Cox student, Shane Buechele gets to work, study and play football close to home.

Q: Tell us about where you grew up and about your family.

Shane Buechele: I grew up in Arlington, Texas. My parents’ names are Nancy and Steve, and I have four older siblings: Garrett, Tanner, Jordan and Amber.

Q: How did having a father who played pro baseball affect your view of athletics?

SB: Having a family that was involved heavily in athletics made me want to be outside and play sports at a young age. Watching videos of my dad play baseball and watching my older siblings play sports influenced me to be the athlete I am today.

Q: What was the deciding factor that brought you to SMU?

SB: There were a few things that helped me make the decision to come to SMU. The first was the opportunity to battle for the quarterback spot and play. The second was the fact that I would be able to pursue my master’s degree in the Cox School of Business, which is a great opportunity for me. The third factor was being close to home and being able to see my family.

Q: You’ve been working on your MS in Management (MSM) at SMU. Will you pursue an MBA?

SB: Yes! At the University of Texas, I earned my degree in Sports Management, with a minor in Business. I have been in the MSM program, and I will begin working on my MBA this summer.

Q: Do you have a favorite moment, professor and/or class at Cox?

SB: I have learned a ton in my first semester in the business school. I have taken classes across the business spectrum, including marketing, economics, finance and accounting. I would say that Managerial Finance and Accounting II have benefited me the most by helping me gain an understanding of how to invest money in order to make sure you’re taken care of in the future.

Q: What career do you plan to pursue?

SB: For my future, I would like to pursue football for as long as I can. However, I understand that one day I will not be able to play anymore. After football, I would like to work in the offices of a sports team and become a GM.

Q: The 2019 season was so much fun to watch. How did it feel on the field?

SB: The 2019 season was great for us. Having the opportunity to win 10 games and set all-time records was a lot of fun. As a team, we fought through adversity and came out stronger to finish the season on a high note.

Q: How does it feel for you and the team to be part of a history-making season?

SB: Being able to be a part of SMU history was awesome for us. Watching the city of Dallas rally behind us more and more as the season went on was great.

Q: What do you want SMU athletics fans to know about Mustangs football?

SB: We are very thankful for everyone who has supported us this season, and we hope to continue the success into next year and the years to come!