With the renovation and expansion project underway at the Cox School, the work that usually takes place in the Fincher, Crow and Maguire buildings will be taking place in other SMU locations for the next two years. Locations may change from semester to semester for undergraduates and mod to mod for graduate students, depending on building availability.

Undergraduate classes will be held in various buildings around campus. Alphabetically by school, they are buildings in Dedman College: Clements Hall, Dallas Hall, Dedman Life Science Building, Fondren Science Building, Hyer Hall; Meadows School of Arts: Hamon Arts Library (for the Business Library and Kitt Center), Umphrey Lee Center; Perkins School of Theology: Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Hall; and Simmons School of Education and Human Development: Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall, Harold Clark Simmons Hall.

Graduate classes will be in the Cox School’s Collins Center, Dedman School of Law buildings: Carr Collins, Florence Hall, Underwood Law Library; Lyle School of Engineering buildings: Caruth Hall, Junkins Building; and the Hamon Arts Library (for the Business Library and Kitt Center) in the Meadows School.

Faculty and staff will be working in buildings highlighted in red below.


1. Underwood Law Library
Graduate Student Services

2. Embrey
BLC/BLI Faculty Offices

3. Caruth
Caruth Institute
Faculty Offices
Behavioral Lab

4. Manhattan Building
Faculty Hoteling
Faculty Offices
Faculty Support Staff
Cox Career Center

5. Expressway Tower
Bridwell Institute
Folsom Institute
Maguire Institute
Diversity Office
OIT Support
Faculty Offices
Alternative Assets

6. Blanton
BBA Admissions
BBA Advising
BBA Career Services

7. Collins
DAAS Testing
Dean’s Suite
External Relations
Grad. Admissions/Student Services Hoteling
Support Staff
Marketing Hoteling

8. Hamon Arts
Kitt Center/Business Library


A. Dedman College
Clements Hall
Dallas Hall
Dedma Life Science Building Hyer Hall

B. Meadows School of Arts
Hamon Arts Library (for Business Library & Kitt Center)

C. Umphrey Lee Center

D. Perkins School of Theology
Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Hall

E. Simmons School of Education & Human Development
Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall Harold Clark Simmons Hall


a. Dedman School of Law
Carr Collins
Florence Hall Underwood Law Library

b. Lyle School of Engineering
Caruth Hall Junkins Building

c. Meadows School of Arts
Hamon Arts Library (for Business Library & Kitt Center)

d. Cox School of Business
Collins Center